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Chris “Birdman” Andersen. I am so proud of this man right now. He’s been playing in the NBA for 11 years now and has played on three different teams. (New Orleans, Hornets, Denver, Nuggets, and now the Miami Heat.) He got his nickname “Birdman” when he was playing his first four years with the Nuggets. Two of his teammates gave him the nickname because of his arm span and his ability to jump into the air and basically fly to block shots or dunk. In 2006, when he was playing for the Hornets, he was suspended from the league and released by the team for the use of illegal substances (meth to be specific). When he came back he signed with the Nuggets again but was then let go in 2012 due to the salary cap. This season, the Miami Heat signed him on a 10 day contract. Just 10 days. He then signed a second 10 day contract and then signed with them the rest of the season. I would say that this season with the Heat was Chris Andersen’s breakout season. He set a record this season with the best field goal percentage held by a player in the playoffs in NBA history. (This means that he made a high percentage of the shots that he took. As in he went a long time without missing. Which is hard to maintain in the playoffs. And he’s not even in the starting line up for the team.) I feel like he was able to move on from his past problems with drugs and being able to prove himself with other teams. I feel like a big problem this season was that he wasn’t recognized enough. He was always made a joke of. At least that’s all I saw on Twitter during the games. It was his appearance that people were using as a joke. People actually judged and made fun of me because I liked him. And it all made me both sad and angry. Extremely angry. Because there are friends and family members I have who have literally referred to him as a freak or ugly. You need to look past the tattoos and the hair and look at the person. It’s who he is and he’s comfortable with it. But that shouldn’t get in the way of him being recognized for all he did this season. He contributed to this team so much this season. I would say more than two certain players in the starting lineup. He’s not even a starter! I am really proud of this man for overcoming all his obstacles and not letting the hate get to him. He has fans who support him and he finally got his championship and ring. CONGRATULATIONS BIRDMAN <3

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